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COVID-19 Data Mapping Tool: Click to download

Our new, interactive COVID-19 data mapping tool is free for all economic developers, chambers of commerce, and government organizations in the United States.

Download the new, free COVID-19 GIS data mapping tool for U.S. communities.

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Free COVID mapping GIS data tool

free for all communities in the United states

GIS Planning is providing this GIS data tool to map the spread of the novel coronavirus free to all cities, towns, counties, regions and states in the U.S.

WHAT data does it map?

The COVID-19 data comes from the New York Times and is updated daily. The JobsEQ Job Loss Vulnerability Index comes from Chmura - you can read more about it here. All of this data has also been added to the map layers for U.S. ZoomProspector clients. 

  • JobsEQ Job Loss Vulnerability Index
  • Total cases
  • Total cases per 10K population
  • Total deaths
  • New cases
  • Total deaths per 10k population
  • Cases (% growth)
  • % Age 65 plus

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