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Open Access Community Data: How to Access the GIS Data Your Region Needs Right Now

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has suddenly and dramatically changed the need for reliable, robust open-access regional data. Do you know where your region's elderly population is clustered? Can you help area businesses shift to near-shoring and develop new local supply synergies? Can you help prospective investors do their research online when in-person visits are no longer possible? This webinar will show you how your community can use your GIS Planning's ZoomProspector online GIS data tool to get the information about your community's population demographics, businesses, industry clusters, and much more.

WHAT did we COVER?

  • How to quickly find, analyze and share detailed community data
  • How to map businesses and industry clusters
  • How to identify new workforce segments that may become essential
  • How to make the most of a dynamic, interactive sites & buildings database when in-person visits are impossible
  • Much more!

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