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5 Strategies to Ensure Your Community is Investment-Ready

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What would it mean for your community to be investment-ready? Most communities are open to attracting new investment, supporting existing businesses wishing to expand or relocate and creating new jobs but your chances of success are greatly enhanced with some careful forethought. A strategic approach to attracting investment means you understand your market position, your community's value proposition and the investors you'd like to target. Critically, it also means that you have a plan in place to engage prospective investors, help them find the information they need, and are prepared to follow through to ensure every opportunity gets the attention it deserves. This recording of our recent webinar, presented by Alissa Sklar, Ph.D., GIS Planning's VP of Marketing, outlines five specific strategies to ensure your efforts are as effective as possible.

We cover:

  • Getting your team aligned & ready
  • Some basic "musts" for an investment-ready EDO website
  • Tactics to engage investors
  • Communicating your value proposition

A Q&A followed the presentation

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