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Small but powerful: Supporting the small businesses in your community

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Small business owners invest considerable time, resources and ingenuity into their initiatives but can face difficult odds. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that nearly 20% won't make it past the first year, 31% fail after two years, half will close within five years and nearly 65% will shutter within 10 years. Economic development and chamber of commerce professionals can make a real difference in helping their local businesses - the lifeblood of their regional economies - survive and grow. In this video recording of the webinar, we look at some of the creative programs and strategies being deployed to nurture entrepreneurs and business owners. Moderator Alissa Sklar, Ph.D. brings together Annie Colarusso, partnerships at withco, Ryan Coleman, director of economic development at the City of Columbia, SC and Jeff Seymour, executive VP of economic development at the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, for presentations and discussions on this subject.


  • An overview of withco's lease-to-own model, including how it works and how your area's small business can qualify
  • The benefits of lease-to-own for small businesses and their communities
  • Removing disincentives to growth
  • Business support initiatives that have worked for different regions
  • Make your region business friendly

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