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Tour SC Commerce’s new LocateSC site selection data tool

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Come take a tour of the South Carolina Department of Commerce's brand new robust LocateSC tool, powered by GIS Planning’s top-ranked ZoomProspector Enterprise software. We’ll show you how your team and your community can take advantage of the user-friendly interactive data, analytical tools, powerful business data and custom industry cluster mapping.


  • What steps are necessary to update your login credentials?
  • Where you will now go to make updates to your listings?
  • How to approve changes made to listings in your community?
  • How you can access, analyze & share your community data?
  • Using tools such as dynamic radius, free draw and pinpoint for analysis?
  • Saving properties in multiple named folders to organize different projects
  • Visualizing data on beautiful heat maps
  • Putting the tool to work for your place marketing, social media, e-newsletters, proposals, etc.
  • And much more!

Learn more about GIS Planning's suite of top-ranked GIS data tools for site selection and economic development here: https://www.gisplanning.com/

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