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Rethinking Rural Economic Development

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rural economic development


The opportunities and challenges for economic developers in rural areas can look very different in a post-pandemic world, with a significant increase overall in rural migration, demand for rural housing, changing workforce, and the increased need to support small businesses. Some rural EDOs have a renewed focus on placemaking and tourism, while others are responding to the shifts in agricultural technology, and impacts of climate change and natural disasters. It's clear that small towns and rural areas can be seen as big opportunities for prospective investors, particularly in a world where one's online presence is not limited by brick-and-mortar or population size. This webinar brings together economic developers from rural regions for a discussion of opportunities, challenges and creative strategies. Host Alissa Sklar, Ph.D., VP Marketing at GIS Planning welcomes guests Terry Burroughs, board chair at FHERO (Florida's Heartland Region of Opportunity), Rayna Teicheira, economic development director at the City of Navasota (TX), Andrea Schrujier, executive director of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority and Dale Wheeldon, president and CEO of the British Columbia Economic Development Association.


  • Changes in workforce
  • The challenges of affordable housing
  • Placemaking, quality of life and tourism opportunities
  • Site selection fundamentals for rural economic development
  • Regional collaboration towards a common goal
  • Much more!

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