Identifying & engaging website visitors with Lead Gen ID

Thursday, Feb. 16th, 1-1:30 PM EST/ 10-10:30 AM PST


Do you know which businesses are scouting locations in your community? With the new Lead Gen ID, you can now proactively engage companies visiting your website for location information. Get there before your competitors do and lead the conversation.

This free, 30-minute long webinar will explain how Lead Gen ID works, and demonstrate how you can now easily track the following:

  • Name of the company searching your website
  • The website visitor’s company URL and contact info
  • The referring source for the website visit (e.g. Google search, LinkedIn, direct)
  • What website pages they visited
  • How long they spent on your website pages
  • What searches they were doing
  • What communities they look at within your geography
  • Much more!


After registration, you will receive an email with your unique join link, confirming your registration.